Offering more than "Just a website." Expect a custom WordPress website, brand, & More.

We're passionate about creating online spaces where businesses like yours thrive.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been serving clients for a few years, we’re here to help build a sustainable brand & website so you can wow your dream clients, make money & do your thing.

positioning brands to sustain.

You know the importance of a cohesive brand story both online and in-store. That’s why you gravitate towards partnering with a business like Lindsey Norberg Design Studio, LLC that understands your goals when it comes to building your brand online. You want a website that is as unique as your brand, separating you from the competition and creating an experience online only you can offer. Because your brand deserves more and your clients deserve more.

That’s why we have a 3 part strategy to help clients like you position your business online to attract the customers of your dreams. It starts with discovering what it is about your brand that is unique and defining measurable goals to track your success. We cover strategies to communicate with your client and simplify it down into a sales funnel that converts online. From there, we launch your site and partner with you for ongoing maintenance depending on your needs. 



Identify your brand, audience + goals.

Analyze your industry to discover where your brand currently sits among all of its competitors—laying the framework to define your goals, target audience, and differentiators so you can do your thing and make money.  




Start by meeting your clients where they are today so that you can serve them better. Identify best sellers, sales funnels, and strategies to convert online sales and track your growth. 




The site goes live! Your new website is designed and developed with the end user in mind. Creating an online space where your clients thrive and conversions are optimized according to industry best practices. 

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It's Possible!

Start creating brand experiences that are irresistible to your dream clients and create measurable growth. 

Identifying and filling in the gaps so, businesses like yours can sustain.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard of giving in both our partnerships with businesses and in our community. 

When we speak, we try to embody these characteristics. 

Welcoming, not stuffy

Inclusive, not discriminating

Trustworthy, not boastful

Sustainable, not narrow-minded

Generous, not stingy

Affordable, not exclusive

Bold, not afraid to stand out

Curious, not stale or out of date

From professional business cards to e-commerce shops online, we create products to wow your dream clients, make money & do your thing. 

Our Services

Web Design + Development

Thoughtful websites that are easy to use and tell your brand’s story.  

Website Content

Handcrafted website copy specific to your industry and trade.

Google Best Practices + SEO

Optimized websites based on defined best practices. Including Search Engine Optimization using keyword research, metadata, and rich snippets.

UX/UI Design

Easy to navigate websites so, your clients can find exactly what they are looking for.  

Brand Identity 

Brands that are irresistible to your customers and help create long-term, sustainable growth.

✧ Graphic Design 

Branded print + online marketing collateral including brochures, signs, PDFs, business cards, and professional websites.

Discover your brand + position it to sustain.

It’s possible. Go beyond basic and wow your dream clients with a brand & website that keeps them interested. You’ll be able to create long-lasting brand ambassadors who are eager to share your brand with others.

Brand Discovery Starter Guide

Identifying your brand is the first step to serving your clients better and creating long-term sustainable growth online & in-store. Use our FREE guide as a tool to start defining yours today. 

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How Do Your Clients Feel About Your Brand?

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