Top of Mind Awareness

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Competition is fierce

There are so many brands out there offering the same things. So what makes each brand different or better than one other? Simply put, it’s how you make your clients feel and everything you do to make them think this way that matters most.

From their first impressions with your brand to how you follow up with your clients after they leave your store, this is key to making them remember you next time they need your service and to making them become a long-term loyal customer.

“Top of mind awareness”

Major brands create a memorable client experience every day that makes you think of them first. When I mention top laptop distributors worldwide, I bet you’re thinking of Apple or HP depending on your personal preferences and needs. But why do you think of them first?

They have well-known, established brands, marketing, and visibility. They also create trust with their clients built after years of exceeding client expectations, delivering quality products, and giving meaningful brand experiences consistently.

Next time your client thinks they need “X” service you want them to remember how your brand made them feel and to desire to come back for that same consistent experience and follow-through. So how do you create these types of skills and how well are you doing right now? Below are a few prompts and questions to get you started thinking about how your clients view your brand and services.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Is your brand experience consistent online, instore, and on social media?
  • Do you follow-up with your clients after they leave?
  • Do you invite them to come back?
  • Are you communicating with your client regularly? If so, where?

Figure out more ways to engage your client and to have them think of your brand or service first by reaching out to me. You can send me a message on my contact page, and we can set up a phone call or personal meeting to discover your brand’s opportunities.

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