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Branding & Strategy

Happy Septic


Mike Toth Inc. or “MTI” is a family-owned septic company in Battle Ground, WA that specializes in home and business septic installation. They have over 10 years-of-experience and use to considers themselves one of the main septic companies in the area. 

MTI reached out to me because they were concerned about growing competition in the area. They also felt in-order to stay relevant, they needed to have better branding. 

Must-haves: The re-brand must include a clever saying like we do the sh*tty work no one else wants to do!

Initially, after meeting with Mike & Bethany Toth, I began to empathize over their growing concern of steep competition. I knew I would need to start this project by learning as much as I could about their field and competition. 

  1. Analyze competition AKA “Competitive Analysis”
  2. Look for ways to stand out 
  3. Identify key messaging or “Differentiators

MTI Contractors choose this BOLD logo and branding combination I created to replace their current brand. 


Originally, MTI had a new brand concept in-mind but, after a little research, I discovered that it was very similar to most septic contractors in the industry which wouldn’t help them stand out. 

Knowing their main goal was differentiate themselves from the growing competition, I designed something totally unexpected. I knew the re-brand must: 

  1. Stand out from the competition
  2. Make an instant emotional connection 
  3. Be easy to remember 
  4. Be funny, upbeat, and appealing to match the owner’s personality and to combat and “Sh*tty” stereotypes about working with poop. 

To get started I decided to run what I like to call a Competitive Analysis of their industry by comparing the branding, website and offerings of 10-20 other local and national septic companies to identify redundancies and opportunities. 

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Happy Septic Bus Ad

Mockup of a van wrap and billboard concepts presented to MTI. 


When I presented the final concept of “Happy Septic” to MTI it was very different from what they expected but, it was very well-received.

After explaining the research and planning that went into the branding they knew it was something special and would stand out very easily against the local competition. Now, I am looking forward to seeing this new brand around town. It’s just so pleasant and fun who couldn’t love it? 

Don't let bad design steal the show!