Is Less Really More? Free up your time!

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Are you fed up with feeling overwhelmed as a business owner? Having too much to do & not knowing where to focus your time?

Stop trying to please the masses and follow these steps to help re-focus your energy on creating deep meaningful relationships with the people who already follow you.

Step 1: stop the noise!

The truth is there are lots of amazing people out there to follow, but you don’t have the time or energy to follow them all. Instead, you need to be strategic about the people you do choose to follow for growth and inspiration as a business owner or entrepreneur.

Choose 2-3 mentors you want to follow and only focus on their content. Rotate who you follow every 3-6 months, so you do not get overwhelmed or bombarded with too much information. Rotating who you focus on following will allow you to build meaningful relationships with these mentors by engaging and learning from them.

Additionally, you can clean up your social media feed or email inbox by unfollowing people who no longer bring you joy. Remember, it’s about quality, not quantity.

Step 2: take time to be bored.

Studies show we only get a limited amount of mental energy each day. Once we hit our max, our mental capacity declines rapidly, and there is no way to gain more.

That being said, it’s best to accomplish your most important tasks at the beginning of the day when this mental energy is fresh. You can also take steps to conserve this energy and allow your brain time to be bored and taking breaks from consuming too much content.

Some research even suggests ads are now designed to monetize our thinking. So even when we’re not in front of a screen, we are still thinking about it. Imagine how exhausting this is for our minds to constantly be thinking and how it could be draining on our mental energy.

To combat mental fatigue, Manoush Zomorodi suggests in her TED Talk taking time to daydream. She says when we’re folding laundry, and our mind wanders it ignites the “default mode” in our brain so we can think beyond the subconscious.

Manoush Zomorodi TED Talk


Step 3: focus on the client

Another way to re-focus your energy is by stop thinking you have to please the masses. Instead, develop deep, meaningful relationships with people who already engage and follow you.

You can do this by creating on-going value for your current clients and followers rather than focussing on getting new ones. Because when you focus on getting new clients, you’re pretending to be successful instead of adding value to the most important people who are already in front of you.

Eric Karjaluoto believes by adding this value to your currents clients, it will make you more successful. As mentioned in the One Thing Real Quick (OTRQ) podcast by Evan MacDonald Karjaluoto says,

“don’t make it about yourself. Make it about the other people… Focus entirely on what you can do for that client to move them forward. And if you can do that, if you can help them build their business, or reach their audience or any of these things, they won’t want to let you go, they will always want you to help them do more of what you’ve helped them do.”

In the OTRQ podcast, MacDonald also references Karjaluoto recent article, “How to Keep Yourself Sane, in Faketopia” urging people to break free of this illusion and stop being a “servant of the algorithm.”

Eric Karjaluoto – Designer & Author


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