Google Site Kit – Google’s official WordPress plugin

What is Google Site Kit?

Site Kit is a WordPress plugin that can be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Directory. Typically, most sites use WordPress plugins such as Monster Insights or Google Analytics by ExactMetrics to track customer usage but, Google recently released a new plugin called Site Kit. It’s already growing in popularity and here is why your business should consider switching to Google Site Kit in 2020. 

  1. First of all, the user interface is pretty simple. Having to jump on the back-end can already be challenging enough for some marketing managers so, it’s a plus when the tool is straight forward and easy to use.
  2. Second, it comes equipped with all of the latest Google goodies you’re used to using including Search Console, Analytics, Tag Manager, Page Speed Insights, Optimize, and AdSense. This makes it easy to check the stats of several Google services for your business all in one place.
  3. Third, it’s a WordPress plugin made by Google for Google and it’s FREE. If that isn’t a good enough reason I don’t know what would be. 


Google Site Kit Dashboard
Google Site Kit Dashboard

What Does Site Kit Comes With? 

Site Kit comes equipped with several Google services that you can activate. These include insights about page usage, speed and  

  • Analytics — Insights of how users are interacting with each page of your website and whether or not they make a conversion. 
  • Search Console — Data on how many users saw your content on Google. 
  • AdSense — Ability to track and place ads on your site through Google ads.
  • PageSpeed Insights — Includes real-world examples of how your page site loads and suggestions on how to improve speed. 
  • Optimize —  Contains A/B testing for your site without editing code.
  • Tag Manager — Allows you to set up and track tags on your site. 


Google Site Kit Dashboard
Google Site Kit Dashboard

Who is Site Kit for?

Site Kit is ideal for developers, marketing managers or business owners wanting to check the stats of their website quickly so they can keep an eye on their marketing goals. Key features include the ability to check up-to-date information regarding your site stats and to receive customizable tips and insights on how to improve your Google search ranking (SERP’s) score. 

  • Check your stats quickly 
  • Set goals and track your progress 
  • Improve your SERP’s score  


How Site Kit could be even better?

Eventually, I believe Google will include a course on how to maximize the new Google Site Kit plugin but, until then, there are several resources to make sure you’re getting the most out of their plugin in the meantime.  


How to install and set up Google Site Kit

If you’re ready to give it a test drive, Search Engine Land has written a detailed guide to install and set up Google Site Kit

But, if you’re not currently using Google Analytics on your WordPress website, here is a beginner course on how to set it up yourself. Once you set up your Google Analytics account, you can download and install Google Site Kit using the above tutorial. 

Feel free to reach out to us directly for help with installation, goal setting, and navigation. 


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