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Branding Bites Blog

Easy-to-digest information about branding, design, and WordPress websites. 

Google Site Kit – Google’s official WordPress plugin

What is Google Site Kit? Site Kit is a WordPress plugin that can be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Directory. Typically, most sites use WordPress plugins such as Monster Insights

Is Less Really More? Free up your time!

(5-minute read) Are you fed up with feeling overwhelmed as a business owner? Having too much to do & not knowing where to focus your time? Stop trying to please

Make a Branded Color Palette

(2-3 minute read) Developing a color palette Generally speaking, a business has about 5 colors they use to represent their brand, not including black or white. More complex brands will

Top of Mind Awareness

(10-minute read) Competition is fierce There are so many brands out there offering the same things. So what makes each brand different or better than one other? Simply put, it’s

Easy Branded Typography

(5-minute read) Getting Started Matching fonts can be impossible unless you have an eye for it. A rule of thumb is never to use more than 2 fonts unless you